Operations Structure

We are now set up on an area of 80,000 Sq. feet. Today we have capacity to accommodate 75 big buses in our premises with proper working space. Our operations are based on corporate governance and proper delegation of work and systems in place.

With a labour force of over 300 workers, we have been able to retain and maintain our oldest workers from the date we started, up-to now along with the growing labour force, that continues to receive training internally. We have developed the modern style of making buses by operating an Assembly Line. Every worker is defined with a job description assigned to him/her and are categorized in the following departments.

We have the capacity and the technology to fabricate from the smallest of a pickup body to the top of the range Tourist type air-conditioned buses. Every thing is done in-house and gets very little work done from other contracted companies.


  1. Zinc Chromating:
    The process of phosphating or Zinc Chromating helps structure tubes to last longer. Phosphating does prevent rusting and corrosion of tubes. It ensures that all the structural components undergo a superior pre-treatment primer coating process. All mild steel tubular and angular sections are made anti-rust before implementing them in the production.
  2. Galvanized/AloZinc.
  3. Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP):
    We have a fully fledged Fibre Glass Department and have been the leader in the industry in the development of fibre glass, moulded panels, front and rear face panels, dashboards, side mirrors, wheel caps, and other light fittings with easily replaceable parts. Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is not a single material but a whole family of composite valued for their remarkable features which includes:
    • Low fuel consumption because of light weight
    • No wear and tearCorrosion resistance
    • High strength to weight ratio
    • Isotropic strength
    • Adaptability to complex shapes
    • Adjustable modulus of elasticity
    • Low repairing cost
    • Fast prototype
    • Corrosive resistance
  4. Aluminium and Stainless Steel
    The use of Aluminium and stainless steel panels has also added value to our bus bodies as to the non-corrosive properties they acquire.
  5. Acrylonitile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).
    We use ABS in all the Coaches because of the following features: ABS is an easy machined, tough, low cost rigid thermoplastic material with high impact strength, ideal turning, drilling, sawing, die-cutting and shearing. Natural  and black ABS is made from FDA approved material. FDA white and custom colours quoted upon request. It has a good chemical and stress cracking resistance to inorganic salt solution, alkalis, acids and some oils. ABS has excellent abrasive resistance, electrical properties, moisture and abrasive resistance, electrical properties, moisture andcreep resistance and helps in good durability of your Coach.
  6. Seats.
    At Master Fabricators, we have a vast experience in the design of semi-sleeper and sleeper seats of Coaches. Designing of seats includes:
    • Computer aided designing of seats
    • Agronomical perspective in seats design to ensure comfort and body support for users
    • High resilience PU cushions for durability
    • Integral- skin retractable arm rest
    • Increased passage knee room
    • Bolster support at the back for comfort and luxury
    • Anti-submarines features for safety and comfort
    • Individual cushions and squab units enable cost effective maintenance
    • Mig-weilded sturdy frame structure for any road conditions
    • Attractive upholstery for better feel and comfort.
  7. Equipment And Machinery
    The Workshop is fully equipped with all the necessary machines which are operated under close supervision by a qualified technician who ensures their service and maintenance.

All the above Departmental activities are closely coordinated on a daily basis by a fully qualified Workshop Manager, and quality assurance is carried out by two in-house Quality Control Inspectors.

At present we have a capacity to deliver 12-16 buses on average per month. We have started pre-fabrication of assembly parts provided we get orders early enough. It takes our team between 50 and 75 working days to manufacture a bus depending on the design and size of the vehicle. We have about 8-10 % market share based on a monthly report.

The Bus and Coach Industry in this region has got a big potential. Like in any Third World Country there will always be demand for Public Service Vehicles. Master Fabricators Ltd stands a good chance for future growth and investment and has thus positioned itself in a leadership position, through investing in design, technology, comfort , safety and durability in the sector. This is particularly so, as the neighbouring countries rely on Kenya for their buses.


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